The structure of research paper include the introduction, the sections and subsections, the resume, the conclusions, the list of literature and the additions. First of all, you need to choose the topic of your research paper. It must be some interesting and actual problem for today’s society. You need to show the relevance and importance of the chosen topic. It should interest both you and the readers. The topic of research paper is a scientific problem which covers a field of scientific research. It is based on the numerous scientific issues. Once you have chosen a topic, you need to define the subject, object, purpose and objectives of the research. It is stated in the introduction. Your research paper should be based on some scientific and experimental materials that contain personal data of experiments and observations. The main part of the research paper consists of sections and subsections. Each section begins with a new page. The main contents of section can have a brief introduction with describing the chosen direction and rationale of the applied research methods. The contents of your work must exactly match the theme of work and fully disclose it. You need to conduct a research. You should show why the research of this topic is necessary and important in our time. The conclusions should contain a summary of the results of the conducted research and supplied tasks. You need to note in your conclusions whether the purpose was reached. And you need to show that you learn during the work on the chosen problem. You should also make a list of references that you used when writing research paper. This may be scientific publications, interesting books, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.

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